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Medical-legal case reviews

Started by Adam Taranto. Last reply by John H Schneider, MD Jan 14. 14 Replies

Medical writing

Started by Lkharle. Last reply by Debbie Ruth Wright-Thomasson Jan 13. 43 Replies


The Economist's Virtual MBA Fair is Feb 3-5 @theeconomist

Thinking of an MBA? The Economist's Virtual MBA Fair is Feb 3-5, 2015. Chat online with admissions officers from MBA programs all over the world including the Darden School of Business and the Yale School of Management. Attend to win prizes like MBA scholarships and The Economist subscriptions. Learn how you can make yourself the strongest candidate possible.

Connect on LinkedIn this holiday season

The holidays can be a great time to do some networking with friends and family. You never know who's going to show up at that next holiday party. Connect with people on LinkedIn to stay in touch and to see how that relationship may open doors of opportunity for you in the future.

If you're new to LinkedIn, here are a few simple tips to get you started:

1. Find and join a few groups on LinkedIn and participate in some conversations to virtually meet people in that community. If you're a physician in a leadership position, join the American Association for Physician Leadership group on LinkedIn. Interested in entrepreneurship? Join the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) group on LinkedIn.

2. After you're updated your profile, reconnect with lost classmates. I'm sure they'll enjoy hearing from you after all those years. You may be surprised to hear what some people are doing now. Your surgeon colleague may be working for a big consulting firm. A dermatologist you know may be a medical director at a biopharmaceutical company.

3. Next, look at the list of alumni from your schools. LinkedIn makes it easy to identify alumni who may be in influential hiring positions. Perhaps one of them would be willing to offer an informational interview.

AHA Physician Leadership Forum

If you spend most of your time working in the inpatient setting, you're probably already familiar with the American Hospital Association's Physician Leadership Forum (PLF).

The PLF strives to make available resources to prepare today’s physician for tomorrow’s challenges. Building the next generation of care necessitates close collaboration between clinicians and administrators across the care continuum. With rapid changes in care delivery, high performing leadership teams are needed to combine high quality and high efficiency to deliver high value care.

Over the past few years, the AHA PLF has been collaborating with various organizations and working on initiatives such as:
  • Continuing Medical Education as a Strategic Resource
  • AMA-AHA Joint Leadership Conference on New Models of Care
  • Physician Leadership: The Implications for a Transformed Delivery System
  • Lifelong Learning: Physician Competency Development
  • Creating the Hospital of the Future: Implications of Hospital-Focused Physician Practice
  • Team-Based Health Care Delivery
You can learn more about the AHA PLF here.

ASCO is hiring an oncologist to lead their Clinical Affairs department

ASCO to Establish a Clinical Affairs Department to Provide Hands-on Assistance to Oncology Practices

ASCO is forming a Clinical Affairs department dedicated to providing services, education, and resources to support oncology practices. This new department will offer hands-on assistance in areas such as practice management, quality care assessment and improvement, and efficiency and business intelligence to meet the needs and demands of the current oncology landscape.

The Clinical Affairs department will begin providing assistance to practices by the end of 2014. The Society plans to house existing practice management resources in the new department and, over the next year, will expand these offerings to include support in the following areas:
  • Business of oncology
  • Practice management (staffing, technology, services, etc.)
  • Practice transformation to medical home, to certification, etc.
  • Market analysis
ASCO is seeking an oncologist to lead the Clinical Affairs department who has experience in all aspects of managing an oncology practice. This senior director will also work across ASCO and the cancer community to support all initiatives to enhance oncologists’ efforts to provide the highest quality of care.

Learn more here.

HBR post: Should You Get an MBA

A few months ago, there was a blog post on HBR titled, "Should You Get an MBA?" This seems to be a growing question among physicians who are interested in transitioning into a non-clinical career in the business or corporate world. Many will convince you to make the investment to pursue an MBA while others will persuade you to save your time and money since you don't "need" an MBA. Which is right? I believe it depends on your level of experience, your skill sets, your knowledge base, your social network, and your ultimate career goals and ambitions. Those factors are going to be unique for each person.

You can read the HBR perspective by Ed Batista here. Let me quote some interesting comments that might stick out to you:
I knew that some people in my field had negative impressions of MBAs, and I needed a chance to prove myself as an individual before being stereotyped... there are many fields and organizations in which MBAs are viewed with skepticism and even disdain 
While some firms seek out graduates from elite schools, others avoid them out of a concern that they will be difficult to work with and disruptive to the established culture.
What do you think? Does this perspective by Ed Batista sway you one way or the other?


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